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International Formalwear Association - The Best Dressed Groom

By Nancy Haboush, VP of Sales, Tip Top Tux

It’s an amazing year to be getting married! The wedding color selection has expanded wider than it’s ever been, allowing for some truly unique looks! Men’s formal attire has followed this trend both in an expansion of tuxedo colors and vest and tie colors and patterns.

For the past ten years, the primary focus for the tuxedo has been black. While the black tuxedo is still the majority of all tuxedo rentals today, you’ll find tuxedos available in white, ivory, chocolate brown, tan, latte, light gray and charcoal.

ditional etiquette still suggests a dark tuxedo for evening weddings while daytime weddings allow for more flexibility with lighter colored tuxedo shades.

It’s customary to differentiate the groom from the rest of the wedding party. The groom should complement the bridal gown in t
erms of formality and color. If the bridal gown is formal, the groom should wear a black tuxedo with a white or ivory vest and tie to match. If the bridal gown is full length, without a train, a dark tuxedo with a black vest and tie or colored vest and tie if it’s used in the bridal bouquet is appropriate. Less formal bridal gowns can be complimented with a lighter colored tux or suit.

Even the most casual bridal dress, is a special dress – probably not likely to be worn for any other occasion. The groom should consider the same when choosing the attire to compliment his brides dress. A classic business suit that’s worn again at the office on Monday, may not hold the same significance of the special and unique look that a wedding day deserves.

The average tuxedo rental price today is around $120. This price hasn’t changed dramatically in the past 10 years, but the choices have been multiplied. Rental tuxedos are made in a variety of fabrics, including a super 100’s wool that is lighter weight making it more comfortable and softer to the touch – these rent for closer to $150. There are also still very classic options available at a $59 price point.

The rental prices make it attractive to rent vs. purchase as purchasing a tuxedo or suit will average closer to $130 - $180 for the coat and trouser with an additional investment of $140 - $220 for a shirt, vest, tie and shoes.

The number one reason renting a tuxedo is still preferred by the majority of weddings is the accessibility and ease of coordinating all of the sizes necessary for a typical wedding that includes a ring bearer and any men that are outside the ‘average’ size scale of menswear stores. Any tuxedo store across the country can take a tuxedo measurement for your party which will enable you to order and pickup the tuxedo in the city where the wedding is taking place.

Phone: (309) 721-5450 or Fax: (309) 342-5921